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Welcome’s you to The Original Balanced Bodies

I love the saying “knowledge is power”. I believe this to be true. While Balanced Bodies no longer produces and sells herbal supplement products I remain involved in information gathering for family, friends, and former clients.

In the world today the volume of information on herbal products is staggering. More abundant than ever are the choices in the herbal supplements arena of health care. Having knowledgeable information is always a good place to start in gaining facts about the holistic healing methods that may benefit you or your loved ones.

The information on my web site will be in an informal arrangement.  ‘Facts’ on holistic health choices are relative and subjective. Only each person as an individual can decide what is best or works for them personally.

 As thoughts come to me, or are requested by former clients and new site cruisers, the data will find its way to the page. I will not attempt to compete with the bells and whistles of more sophisticated webs sites, nor write a multitude of complicated words and phrases. Information will come largely from my own experience as an herbalist for more than 20 years dedicated to the lay person who wants a simply stated idea. Formulas presented are those I have developed myself.



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